Paper Bag Puppets

Paper Bag Puppets

Help Little Beaver and his friend Otter come to life—paper-bag puppet style.

What you’ll need:
Paper bags
Glue sticks
Crayons or markers
Printed heads and bodies of Little Beaver and Otter (click on images below to download)

What to do:
Color and cut out the heads, bodies and tails for each animal
Glue them on the paper bags this way:
Heads on the flap of the bag
Bodies on the body of the bag under the head
Tails on the back, maybe their names too!

What’s next?
Put your hand inside the bag with your fingers in the head-flap.
Open and close your hand to make the head move up and down.
Have fun helping Little Beaver and Otter come to life by talking to each other.


Paper bag Puppets directions and templates of Beaver and Otter