Tips on reading I’m Done! aloud

Bring your read-aloud to life by incorporating the following into your reading of I’m Done!

Before reading: Ask your students what they know and what they want to know about beavers to bring out and expand their background knowledge either informally or formally in a K-W-L format. You may want to record their responses on the white board in labeled columns. (After reading: Ask: What did you learn?)

Before reading: Explain that you would like your student’s help bringing the story to life. Remind them (if this came up in the K-W-L discussion) or instruct them about beaver’s strong teeth and how they chew down trees. Explain that whenever the main character Little Beaver is chewing, the text will say “Nibble, nibble, snap” and that you’d like them to join in with the following hand motions:

Nibble, nibble: Position pointer and middle fingers like beaver teeth and make two biting motions against thumb.

Snap: Snap fingers together.

Then remind/ instruct kids that beavers use their paws for scooping mud and patting it onto their dams or lodges. When Little Beaver is doing this, the text will say “Scoop, scoop, pat” and they can join in with the following hand motions:          

Scoop, scoop:  Cup hand and make two scooping motions

Pat:  Clap scooping hand against other hand or against thigh.

Remind/ instruct that one of the functions of the beaver’s tail is to communicate. When Little Beaver’s Mama or Papa want to get his attention, they slap their tails on the surface of the water. The text will say “Slap, slap, slap.” Kids can join in with the following hand motions:

Slap, slap, slap: Either clap both hands together or slap the thigh with the hand

Enjoy! :