Just for Kids

                                          Here are ten fun facts about me:

1. I have the world’s most playful dog named Bodie who will bring his toys to you and invite you to play tug-of-war if you come to visit.

Bodie is wrestling with the chocolate chip cookie costume I made for him.



2. I love to sew and bake and make presents for people and pets.

3. I love walking in the woods. Do you?

4. I have superlaphobia. That’s my made-up word for hating to be asked any question with a superlative in it, such as, “What is your favorite….?” Do you have superlaphobia too?

5. I love tiny things! Hummingbird feathers. Tiny stones from the beach. Miniature animals. I also like to eat ice cream with a tiny spoon.

6. I want to create a diorama of every book I publish. (That way I can get really tiny things to put in the scenes.) I can’t wait to share them with you. These are from Mrs. McBee Leaves Room 3.

7. Sometimes I practice being brave like Frog and Toad in Frog and Toad Together, especially when I’m on the top of a ski slope and I feel scared way up high on the mountain above the treeline. But I still do things that some people would consider scary, like downhill ski and white-water rafting.

8. I don’t like going upside down. I was never good at cartwheels or handstands, and right now I would only try a somersault if someone would give me an Olympic medal or a million dollars. Forget rollercoasters!

9. I am on a quest for the best hot fudge sauce in the universe to put on top of it. So far, the best I’ve found is in Durham, North Carolina. Do you have any recommendations?

10. I read every day and love books that make me cry!