Simply 7 interview with Jena Benton

Simply 7 with Gretchen McLellan: WHEN YOUR DADDY’S A SOLDIER | Jena Benton

“WHEN YOUR DADDY IS A SOLDIER is cleverly told in first AND second person point of view (a point of view that is SO very rarely seen!).  Here a little boy talks about his personal experience, but the “you” softens some of the struggles when daddy is deployed. This book is a brilliant look at military life and how it impacts military families in all sorts of ways.  I suspect this book will win awards and be highly sought after to talk about this particular experience (especially in military schools!).  You won’t want to miss it… Be sure to track down a copy to read.  You too will be impressed by the way this tough subject matter is handled in both text and illustrations.  This is definitely a book to study!”