Dear Friend Stationery

When Bundle receives a gift from Button, what do you think she says in her letter to Button?

Does she tell Button how she felt when the basket with Petal inside arrived?

Does she write about how happy she is that the dolls are together, even though she and Button are not?

Does she tell Button about the adventures she is having with Petal and Rose?

Does she suggest that they take turns with the dolls and write stories about all their adventures?

Does she tell Button about a new friend she has made and her wishes that Button finds a new friend too?

Use this lovely stationery to keep Button and Bundle’s story alive. Use it too to write the friends you are separated from letters of your own.

Stationery is downloadable lined or unlined, in two sizes A4 (letter) and A5 (5.8″x8.3″). Whether printed in full color or black-and-white, this stationery will delight your friend and inspire many letters to come.

Button and Bundle letter A5 unlined                                                                                  Button and bundle A5 letter lined

Button and Bundle Letter A4 unlined                                                                                 Button and Bundle Letter A4 lined